Group Health Insurance


For employers, using non-monetary incentives is a way to increase their worker’s productivity. One example is providing them with group health insurance.

In an individual plan, it is the person who availed of the insurance that will pay for the premiums. The face amount of the policy is also enough only to cover one individual. On the other hand, a group health plan is paid by an employer. As such, the amount of coverage per individual is higher since the health care provider has sold the insurance plan as a package.

Availing of a group health insurance is both beneficial to the employer and the employee. Below is an in-depth discussion about the matter.

Advantages to Employers

Employees will work better as they are covered by insurance. Since your workers are assured that they will be subsidized for their medical needs, they won’t have to worry about overexerting themselves in their job. Also, if one of their dependents is using the insurance plan, it will encourage them to stay longer in the company.

Employers will know the state of health of their personnel. As an employer, you will know if one of your employees has contracted a contagious disease. Therefore, you can put these employees on leave before they infect other personnel. You will also be informed if you will have gaps in your workforce due to the serious medical conditions of your current employees.

Advantages for Employees

Employees do not need to pay for their insurance. People will have more income for themselves since they do not need to pay for monthly insurance premiums.

The dependents of the employees are usually covered by the insurance. Most companies also provide insurance coverage for the immediate family of their personnel. As such, you won’t have to worry about getting a separate insurance for your spouse and/or children.

An annual physical examination is bundled with the plan. You don’t need to go to your personal doctor every year just to have your health checked. Part of the group health insurance is to provide you with a comprehensive physical check-up. This includes measurement of level of fitness (i.e. BMI), eye and dental checkup, blood test, and x-ray examination.

It provides each employee a peace of mind when it comes to finances. Insurance provides you the guarantee that in case you or your dependents get hospitalized, most or all of your expenses will be shouldered by them.



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