The special one: Phallosan Extender


People can primarily thank the media for spreading the current sex-crazed culture and making it possible for the public to talk the once tabooed topic that the previous generations were so hush-hushed about– penis size.

Although the subject wasn’t openly discussed, it can be traced throughout history from different cultures – Arab, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, and African – that different methods were used to achieve the same desired effect, which is penile enlargement.

So it’s time to fast-forward to the modern age. The discovery of an erection disorder called Peyronie’s disease, which includes pain and an abnormal penile curvature, led to the invention of a penile extender. This device utilizes a traction system to pull the penis away, which stimulates the lengthening of the organ through stimulation of new tissue generation. The pulling mechanism also corrects almost any penile arch that deviates from the norm.

Since this area of medicine is highly lucrative, investors allowed thorough studies of penile extenders with the aid of advanced science and technology. The outcomes were promising. Thus resulted to aggressive marketing, which created a thriving market— on that is in a constant lookout for penile enlargement measures. Since it’s practically a domino effect, many brands were then established. One of the most successful and trusted among them is the Phallosan Extender.


The Phallosan Extender is the product of years of exhaustive studies. It involved data taken from different age groups in varying conditions. Some of them actually have small members, while some have different penile disorders – innate curvate penis, problems arising from prostate surgeries, and diabetes. Also, the remaining of the participants in the study were men who wish to have a larger manhood (both in length and girth.)

So, why is the Phallosan Extender the special one? First, it is FDA-approved. Second, it spares one from the exorbitant surgical interventions and post-surgical complications, hence closely maintaining the integrity of the male organ to its most natural state in its largest size possible. And lastly, it’s specifically designed to provide the maximum traction with the least level discomfort. It allows the wearer to move with ease without fearing the possible fall of the device because it is secured with a special orthopedic belt. That way, the recommended number of hours indicated for the apparatus to be really effective can be attained.

        All in all, this penis extender is immaculately designed for both comfort and effectiveness to it maximum level, so why settle for less when you can have the special one for your special organ.


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