Medical Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy



Hormone replacement therapy is prescribed to make up deficiency of progesterone and estrogen. Especially, women who suffer from menopause are given such powerful hormones for recovery.  However, hormone replacement therapy is also useful to men for changing their sex artificially.

HRT Keeps Balance of Estrogen Level

Estrogen is an important hormone to help skin texture of a woman to grow normally. Besides, it lubricates female vagina and regulate body temperature. Women need to take care of this special hormone to be healthy However, owing to rapid breakdown in the level of estrogen; there are many common symptoms to disturb women. For instance, estrogen deficiency causes dryness of vaginal wall, urinary track infection, and obstructive fertility. Hormone replacement therapy reduces risks and it increases the production of estrogen.

HRT Regulates Progesterone

On the other hand, progesterone participates into the development of womb for flawless childbirth. It protects the wall of endometrium. If women want trouble free child delivery with lower risks, her progesterone hormone must be in balance. To be frank, modern scientists prefer hormonal therapy to remove such biological problems.  According to scientists, many women suffer from endometrial cancer due to the nosedive into the percentage of progesterone.  For this reason, experts opt for the application of qualitative HRT treatment to rescue women. It will safeguard a pregnant woman from endometrial cancer, and other health hazards to a great extent.


HRT Improves Muscles

Researchers have come to conclusion that muscle improvement takes place faster in the event of undergoing HRT treatment regularly. Muscles will regain firmness and strength to perform well. On the other hand, new tissues in the muscles will be formed to reinforce the musculature of a person.

There are major three types of HRT treatment. Sequential HRT, hormonal therapy with estrogen and continuous HRT are widely popular. Experienced healthcare experts measure the doses of HRT for administration/application.  Patients who want HRT must contact physicians before starting hormonal replacement therapy. Informative websites can provide you necessary information about HRT and its steady progression. E-journals, e-books and research papers on HRT improvement can also be read to have current information in this connection.


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