What are the benefits of consuming Moringa Powder?


Plants and herbs have been used by human race since ancient times, probably from the start of time. Different plants and herbs are still been used by human all over the world to cure diseases and keep one healthy and fit. Doctors also agree to this and refer many herbal products for a fit and healthy life. Herbs and plants work in a natural way in our bodies and therefore no harmful side effects occur. Whatever side effects occur, that only do good to our human body. One of many such plants that are consumed as organic medication by humans is the Moringa tree.



With many health benefits, this tree, scientifically know as Moringa Oleifera, is acclaimed to be one of the most nutritious plants on earth. The leaves of these plants are highly advantageous for our health and are consumed for the wide array of nutrients contained in them. It is also referred to as “Miracle Tree”, since all of its parts can be consumed and contains the same nutritional value. Another reason to call it so is that it can be grown on any soil condition and can equally withstand tough climate. Besides these, the parts of the tree can be grinded to powder, which makes it easier to consume for everyone. Therefore, you can get it as Moringa Leaf Powder or simply Moringa Powder in an organic store near you.

Health Benefits

As mentioned earlier, Moringa Powder is highly advantageous to human body and contains many nutrients that are required by our body to maintain a healthy working of all our systems. Here’s a list of the nutrients contained in it:

  • Rich in Vitamin A, C, B6, D and K
  • Contains Manganese, Riboflavin, Magnesium, Iron and Potassium
  • Contains Protein, Thiamin, Calcium, Lysine and Niacin
  • Moringa Leaf Powder contains Vitamins C as much as 7 times than what is found in an Orange
  • It is rich in calcium four times as milk
  • It contains three times banana’s potassium content and three times iron that of spinach
  • It also contains 8 crucial amino acids that are necessary for our body
  • It also includes Quercetin, Beta-Sitosterol and Zeatin

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