Can cat also suffer from obesity and what is a cure?


Every cat is the best cat for their owners. They care them, pamper them and feed them more than what they want. Owners are very much concerned about cats. This pampering and extra served food results in obesity among pets. Obesity cases in cats are increasing day by day. Giving food and giving proper healthy food to the kitty is two different scenarios. There are high chances that Obese cat gets affected with diabetes, hepatic and arthritis.


Gaining weight is easy but losing weight is difficult. You need to handle it with care and consult some doctor for it.

Measures to check the imbalance growth of your kitty

  1. Diet

How much food should I feed my cat is an important issue which should be handled with care if you want to make sure that the weight of your kitty reduces. First you need to measure your kitty’s weight and consult your veterinarian before making any preparation for diet chart. You need to understand that fat burning in your kitty’s body is a slow process. Do not allow them to feed as much as they want and whenever they want. Make proper diet chart and strictly make them follow it.

  1. Exercise

It is a tricky part in your mission. Some cats do not want to go for a walk and perform other tasks of exercise. You need to think of something more creative to attract them in performing all these tasks. You can purchase some toys to attract them in performing these tasks.

  1. Regular check-up

You need to visit your veterinary doctor regularly to track the proper health condition of your kitty. You need to keep track of all measures your veterinary doctor asked you to follow for your kitty. It might be a hectic task but it can improve the health condition of your kitty a lot.


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